About Us

Who We Are

We are a family run business that has been providing high quality Korean interior products in Singapore for the past twenty years. Our expertise ranges from interior surface treatments like wallpaper and film, to window treatments such as blinds and curtains.

All our blinds and most of our other products are 100% made in Korea to rigorous specifications, and the few products that are manufactured elsewhere are held to the same rigorous standard and indicated as such. We appreciate the trust our customers place with us in outfitting their homes, and always strive to bring new innovative and exciting products from Korea to the Singapore market.

Made in Korea

In the past twenty years, South Korea has gone from merely producing cheap and reliable everyday items to establishing a reputation as one of Asia’s leading producers of premium, luxurious and precision engineered products. It is no surprise that many people are wanting Made in Korea not only for their phones and televisions, but also their walls, doors and windows. We believe in the quality of Korean manufacturing, which is why all our blinds are manufactured in and shipped directly from our Korean factories. You won’t find us cutting corners here.